Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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A photograph captures a memory or documents a moment in time. When we look at photo albums of our past we can begin to wonder if we really remember the moment or is it just the snap shot we now remember from having viewed it repeatedly? We are all memory collectors with our cameras and are not inhibited by the medium. It doesn’t come with the same daunting strings attached as a paint brush and paint for the non artist. But behind the lens there are photographers with cameras and there are artists with cameras. Undeniably when David M. Mitchell is behind the lens, he is an artist. His emotive work doesn’t merely document a moment in time. It captures the essence of time passing and sometimes a complete disconnect or suspension in time beguiling the viewer with a gift of serenity. Through his metaphoric alluring imagery he engages the senses beyond sight. The work could even be described as sonic – if audible the sound would be ambient.

It is not the literal world we envision through the artist’s eyes or lens, but what we experience through his introspective mind. He transports us to a realm of contrasts which lie between definition and uncertainty; past and present; reality and the imaginary; even life and death. In his work these opposites coexist in a paranormal state as we are transported to a limbo where the unreal becomes real, the subliminal becomes obvious and audio disturbance becomes ambient sound. In this semi-conscious disconnect he imposes; the amorphous becomes a crystal clear tranquil reality.

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