Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sara Vanderbeek: Four Photographers, 2008 (detail 1 of 2)
I just received the latest issue of Blind Spot (BS) - stunning as usual! This is a tri-annual art journal that publishes unseen work by living photographers. Remarkably it is free of commercial and editorial content. Images are selected and published collaboratively rather than curatorially. While today, the de rigueur artists’ statements and essays to support work seem to have become as important as the work itself, BS presents artists and their works without any introductory, biographical or explanatory text. This is enlightening in the art world where over intellectualizing has sometimes spoiled the pure experience of viewing and appreciating art. As its creators have stated, BS is not about photography - it is photography.

BS juxtaposes emerging artists with those who are established creating a significant milieu where each can benefit from the other. By publishing accomplished artists on an intimate scale, BS enriches its readers viewers. Since its launch in 1993, BS has featured over 300 living photographers including Uta Barth, Gregory Crewdson, Tim Davis, Rineke Dijkstra, Adam Fuss, and Vik Muniz, many of whom have gained critical and audience acclaim through their exposure in the magazine.

Blind Spot is a photography publication of exemplary design: This tri-annual journal is a "must have" for fine art collectors and artists. To view the BS archive of the past fifteen years
click here. It is distributed internationally and is found in some of the best independent bookstores, museums, and larger booksellers around the world. For information on where to find BS click here.

For the link for BS artist submissions
click here.

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