Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Laurie Frick - Extraordinary

Artist's Statement
Frick uses pattern to replicate the feel of neurons firing in the brain. The use of vaguely familiar cut-up materials are representative of everything the brain processes, the amount that is seen and the amount stored - including the periferal things to which only partial-attention was given.
"I think neuroscience will find there is a link between how the mind processes pattern, and the underlying structure of the brain. How do I connect an abstract idea of neural processing to neuroscience in everyday life, and the rationale for my explorations? I like the idea of art artist expression anticipating scientific proof.", says Frick.

Frick has straddled both the world of technology and visual art. Over the past several years, she has studied the developments in neuroscience and believes scientists will begin to unravel the mystery of how the brain uses memory to develop an instant attraction to visual objects and surroundings. She believes aesthetics, is related to brain fluency and the desire to re-experience the familiar. Mathematical proportions are relevant, the attraction to external patterns may emulate the internal neural structure in the mind. "There is a human desire to find the neural mirror to ourselves, even at the most basic level -- the firing pattern of hippocampal neurons.
I'm currently investigating the notion that there is a statistical pattern underlying all cognition. If you could capture the neural rhythm and replay it, you might actually simulate the original experience.", says Frick.

Read more about Frick - Carolinas Health Care Artist-in-Residence in residency at McColl Center in Charlotte, NC.

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