Monday, October 19, 2009

David M. Mitchell's Diaphanous Collection
represents a sanctuary: a room, a window, a key-hole,
the double mirror – the see and not be seen. A gentle transition
between the inner spaces we create and the outside world we dream of mastering: a simplicity, a gentle passageway to the
physical beyond the machinery of consciousness.
-a simple wish of mind-

Limited edition c-prints are available

unmounted, acrylic face-mounted on various substrates
or mounted and framed under glass.
36 x 36 inches – edition of 5, 48 x 48 inches – edition of 3

60 x 60 inches – edition of 2
Linear 8
acrylic face mounted C-print, 36 x 36 inches
Luminaries: Window 3
acrylic face mounted c-print 24 x 24 inches

Excerpted from East Hampton Star, Jennifer Landes:“Mr. Mitchell’s photographs are clearly the stars of the show, although it is almost too easy to like their showy, filmy beauty. What makes them more intriguing is the puzzle of abstraction they present. If they are straightforward film photographs, what was the original subject and how far removed are we? It often seems as if he has managed to capture pure atmosphere in his “Linear” series. Yet in another example, “Window 3" from the "Luminaries Collection,” the subject seems to be another painting or a drop cloth and paint-stained canvas strips. The thick acrylic facing, clear as it is, provides another distancing device, and the viewer can never be certain just what is being viewed. Once peace is made with that conundrum, however, the pure beauty becomes its own reward.” For David M. Mitchell's bio click here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I.M. Pei on the new Centurion Condominiums in NYC at 33 West 56th Street, NY, NY
and The Team who executed the tribute to an elegant neighborhood

Stillman Development International is no stranger to the fine art arena. The firm has collaborated with architects associated with award winning museum quality endeavors the likes of Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie, Michael Graves & Associates and Pei Partnership Architects with I.M Pei. Furthermore the firm works with its own curator to enhance the projects with placement of works by significant artists, including Alex Katz, Robert Indiana, Robert Cottingham, Donald Sultan and Wendell Castle, among others.

It’s no surprise that brokers are drawing analogies between Centurion & 15 Central Park West. Both projects have proven developers and celebrity architects who pay attention to each and every tiny detail. However, one could argue the limestone fa├žade of Centurion is actually better. The stone is imported from France and has a soft finish which is noticeably different from other types of limestone. Considering this is the only Pei condominium in New York, we’re not all that surprised the building is selling fast, and at prices that snuggle right up to $3,000/foot. (from the nyc condo blog)

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