Saturday, January 17, 2009

oil and alkyd on canvas 36" x 34"
I have just added a link to Fred Bendheim's who is in the Art Rent and Lease stable of artist (with me).

These abstract paintings are the result of over twenty-five years of exploration through painting. Although they contain references to nature, macro and micro systems, Eastern Philosophy, and to other art, they are primarily self-referential. Each painting’s structure is made from lines, often a single line that forms a circuit or isometric pattern. Within this line is a myriad of shapes, colors and gestures, which together primarily express feeling. A single line or circuit derives from the artist’s intuition of a universe that includes endless differences and yet is essentially one.
Lines are also metaphors of life: they have a beginning, a middle and end. They are records of their own creation--each line being made of many moments. The paintings describe the essence of form, they express the essence of feeling, which is energy.

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