Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Our converstion began a few months ago with a serendipidous meeting on the internet. Seeking someone of a similar name, I became captured by her website and forgot who it was I was looking for in the first place. Soon after which I entered a post on the blog. Matuschka came for a visit Monday where I shared my home and the Hamptons with her and her conure, Minimax. Like a pair of old friends (bird in tow), we shared lunch and conversation and a trip to Spanierman Gallery in East Hampton to see the Hans Van De Bovenkamp sculptures as well as compelling works by Josh Dayton, Fulvio Massi, Carol Hunt and Darlene Carneco all perfectly juxtaposed at the masterful hand of Arlene Bujese. Something about the sharing we as artists do is such a mystery to those surrounding us while so normal to us. There is a language which connects most of us which is unwritten. Enjoy this video of Matuschka surrounded by the beauty of a ruin and be inspired. This post is for Martin Bromirski at anaba and Modern Art Obsession

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