Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I recently met Cecile during her visit to Mark Borghi Fine Art when she came to the Hamptons for ArtHamptons. Her name above links to her web site. Her paintings are abstractions of her travels, both physical and emotional. They may allude to sunflower fields in France, the Italian countryside, New York City's Central Park, Morocco or Mexico, but they all reflect her feelings for the places visited rather than illastration of exact imagery.
Morocco, the warmth and attire of its people, Berber music, ornate architecture, breathtaking mountain villages, and colorful crafts are all imprinted in memory and later painted.
Moroccan Enclosures, a series of works executed with oils on linen canvas or paper, often Japanese mulberry paper, refer to villages, palatial courtyards, moushrabiyas, or wrought iron window gratings. The latter two evoke past, and, to a degree, present restrictions placed on women's lives.
In Brunswick's words; "When art and creators become ambassadors both at home and abroad, the ensuing dialogue and friendships formed, invariably open up a dialogue for peace and understanding among people of differing faiths and cultures. Can there be a better way?"

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Dave Long said...

Cool stuff from the artist (just looked at her website).

Lynn -- You probably don't remember me, but I stopped in at the gallery in the Hamptons while I was visiting back home in NY with my wife. We're the couple who now lives in London. You said to pop in to take a look at your blog, and insisted that I leave a comment, and so here I am...!
As far as I can tell there is a booming art scene here in London... I am still working on some good ol' acrylics on canvas paintings; not ready to show them to anyone until I feel I've got a very certain style nailed down in this series.
This blog is outstanding. Thank you for doing this. Hope everything is great back home on Long Island.

Dave Long.

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