Sunday, June 22, 2008

My latest work with spray foam insulation and latex on canvas.
Cover it up and Lay it to Rest,
(blue chip giving way to new chip - a tribute to Steve Parrino), Lynn Dunham



Anonymous said...

I love these works. Lately I am very drawn to "balls of goo"-type artwork. I'm not sure why, yet. But yeah, this definitely falls into that category. I love the textures.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the two main characters where subconsciously driven to build the mountain where the aliens were to land. I have an unexplained obsession with texture in my work. It becomes more sculptural than painterly by the minute. So to hear you are drawn to "Goo-ish" work is not a surprise. Look at the links to Vincent Romaniello, Gregory Coates and Gabriel Schuldiner on my blog.

Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

Looks very cool. I only wish I could get the opportunity to take it in in person.

Keep up the great work.

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