Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ross Neher
Sforza I, 2003, 60"x 115 1/2", oil on canvas

I became familiar with the work of Ross Neher through Ronald Weintraub, a painter in Watermill, who has studied with Neher. It is no surprise Weintraub has acquired such a strong color sensibility having now seen the work of Neher. Additonal works and an essay by Barry Schwabsky about the work is on his official Ross Neher web site where in each work he manipulates of form and space through color in this series of achitectonic, cauffered imagery.

Ross Neher and I almost crossed paths at Pratt Institute. He had just earned his MFA when I was beginning my undergraduate studies there. When I left Pratt in 1980 Neher became Professor of Graduate Painting and continues teaching there today.

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