Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vanish Pointe by Malcolm Bray
60 x 48 inches Represented by
Cheryl Hazan Gallery (212) 343-8964

Malcolm Bray is a painter and print maker born November 2, 1958 in Hull, England.
He emigrated to the United States in May 1984. He presently resides in Delaware Township, NJ and was the former owner of Old English Pine (antique furniture imports) in Lambertville, New Jersey. In March of 2004, Bray gave up his import business of 19 years to concentrate full-time on his art career. He can be found working from his second floor studio/gallery above his former company in Lambertville.

From this spacious loft, Bray has organized annual group art exhibitions since 1994, and the participating group is identified as New Eclectic. This group also displayed at MCS Gallery, Easton, Pennsylvania in 2003 and West Chester University, Pennsylvania in 2004. This particular exhibition has included many artists from the local community and others from the region. In the last two years these artists included Rachel Bliss, Luis Bujalance, Jacques Fabert, Harry Georgeson, James Groody, Michael Hale, Diane Levell, Bonnie Maclean, Pat Martin, Barry Snyder and Mitchell Yarmark and Bray. Bray hoped the viewer would consider these exhibitions as "one unit" while at the same time acknowledging each artist's distinctive style.
During the summer of 2004, Bray attracted the attention of Cheryl Hazan Gallery in New York and is also represented by Morpeth Gallery in Hopewell, New Jersey. His present abstraction is spontaneous but structured in a way that elements within the composition evoke the dimensional aspects of volume and space. There is a clear relationship between his work and that of the New York Abstract Expressionists.

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