Friday, March 21, 2008

Truman Marquez, Severed Voting Fingers Cast a Shadow over Doubt

Utilizing symbol and shadow, the artist alludes to one potential outcome of the Iraq war. The purple tipped fingers are a clear reference to Iraqi voting practices yet, in this piece the woman dressed in a black burka is using a pair of scissors to auto-amputate her own finger, implying that the Iraqi people are responsible for their own chances for implementing a democracy. Again, the artist employs the technique of placing floating objects (severed fingers) in a gravity-less world. He is also hiding loaded iconic imagery within shadows. The floating fingers cast a shadow on the blood red floor. In these shadows the viewer will find the dead body of a U.S. service man along with his rifle and helmet.


Anonymous said...

Truman Marquez is a monumental kind of an artist, both in spirit and in action. His work is like the written words of Gertrude Stein...mindful and significant.

He is an artists' artist. Kind and sensitive as a person and volatile and atomic in his creations. He is light years away from the contemporary art scene.

He is one artist to collect...

Art collector

Lynn Dunham said...

I'd be happy to assist you with your collection.

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