Friday, March 7, 2008

Jet Rain Drill Rig, Truman Marquez
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Marquez makes a poignant visual commentary on the US dependency on foreign oil leading to an “in the red” budget crisis. On the surface of the poles which pierce the orb on the left of the composition is the face of a dollar bill and subliminally, in the poles’ shadows, an image of an oil rig representing a possible attribution for the unstable dollar. The orb encircled with war jets, casts a cornered shadow upward revealing the image of a dead American serviceman. The socio/political work represents the artist’s view of the financial devastation of the US caused by the dependency on foreign oil which lies beneath the war in Iraq. Despite the monumental size of this work, an intimacy is created by the cornered composition and confined space within which the elements are arranged.

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liz m said...

hey, i am FINALLY checking out Truman's work....amazing talent

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