Sunday, March 30, 2008

I couldn't get a photo of the dollar bill installation which this post is about but I found this dollar bill oragami site with over 100 different dollar sculptures for $7.95. It really is amusing!

There was a "special project" at the Armory show consisting of 100 framed dollar bills, and a list of the coresponding prices which started at "$100" ($100 for $100!) and priced upwards to "$4,500,000." Red dots indicated sales up to the $289 price . The New York’s 33 Bond, whose exterior booth wall exhibits the work, had no comment on the installation. It was the work of Invisible Heroes, a group of art world hoaxsters provided by Scope organizer, Hubshman to introduce a bit of commerce mockery into the fair. The entry marked "$4,500,000" was marked "reserved." That says it all concerning the commercial state of affairs in the contemporary art market today.

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