Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AMERICA...Home of the Brave and Land of the F---.
Yet Another US Politician We Can Be Proud Of!
New York Magazine's best cover I've seen in a long while (kudos to the creative team!). This truly sums up American politics. Robert Mills, designer of the Washington Monument was clearly ahead of his time.
A bit o f history in case you've forgotten: Spitzer joined the staff of Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau, where he became chief of the labor-racketeering unit, spending six years pursuing organized crime. His biggest case came in 1992, when Spitzer led the investigation that ended the Gambino organized crime family's control of Manhattan's trucking and garment industries.

Spitzer devised a plan to set up his own sweatshop in the city's garment district, turning out shirts, pants and sweaters, and hiring 30 laborers. The shop manager eventually got close to the Gambinos, and officials were able to plant a bug in their office. The Gambinos, rather than being charged with extortion, which was hard to prove, were charged with antitrust violations. Thomas and Joseph Gambino and two other defendants took the deal and avoided jail by pleading guilty, paying $12 million in fines and agreeing to stay out of the business.
Who's laughing now?

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