Monday, March 17, 2008

(above) Henley Regatta © 1994, Giancarlo Impiglia
Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 99"
Commission for the Ocean Liner
Queen Elizabeth II by Cunard
(below) The Sins of Eve, Giancarlo Impiglia
Oil on honeycomb cut-out aluminum 70" x 72"
"The fancies and foibles of American life in the fast lane are fair game to the penetrating eye of Impiglia. Based in New York since the mid-1970’s, the Italian-born artist has developed into an acute observer and critic of this up-scale scene. Recalling such celebrated “painters of modern life” as Constantin Guys, Toulouse-Lautrec, Italian Futurists Giacomo Balla and Gino Severini and German Expressionists Ernst Kirchner and George Gorsz, he seems drawn to archetypes and archetypal situations. The interpenetrating planar structures of Futurism in combination with the reductive directness of Pop and an uncannily sure sense of design and proportion serve as his means of achieving a sophisticated synthetic realism. The approach…. Is at once impassioned and distant."
Excerpted from ARTNEWS, “New York Reviews” – Alex Rosenberg Gallery – 1984
Written by Ronny Cohen

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