Friday, February 8, 2008

This is a blog I have created for the benefit of artists and fine art enthusiasts. I recommend to anyone looking to create a forum which is how I was able to start this blog in very few steps. For artists this Google blog development tool is an intuitive easy way to begin to market your artwork with little or no techinical ability. Over the course of time I hope this blog will be as equally interesting to artists as it will be to art collectors. I will continually update with new feature videos, articles and resources.

My first featured video of Jackson Pollock will change shortly as well as the feature article about the controversial Pollock paintings found in the Matter storage facility in Wainscott, NY.
The dealer for the noted Pollock and Matter works is Mark Borghi. You may peruse a signifigant collection of mid-century American Modernism at

The resources in the right column will grow over time. Right now I want to point out is a site design company owned and operated by an artist. She offers site hosting as well as a selection of templates from which to work. She also creates custom sites.

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Lynn Dunham said...

Great Idea to start a blog. I look forward to reading it.

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