Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rittenhouse Satellite Gallery
210 W. Rittenhouse Square
Third Floor
Deep: New Paintings by Vincent Romaniello

Vincent Romaniello’s paintings draw inspiration from images culled from spacecraft and satellites that illustrate human activity on the planet. It is these images of the surface of the earth from great distances that influence the formal aesthetics of his abstract paintings. Due to the method Romaniello uses to achieve the textural appearance of his pieces, they resemble both painting and sculpture. The surfaces of his work have such deep furrows and are highly structured that they change as the viewer approaches the work from different angles.

The Satellite Gallery is not your typical white cube. And unlike most shows people commented about the space and how the paintings were intergrated into it. Some people thought I made the work specifically for the space. Others said they really liked having separate spaces for each painting. When I first visited the gallery I thought of it as a chapel for art. The idea of art as object and how architecture and art were once integrated is touched on in Vittorio Colaizzi's essay. The lighting is low and rakes across the surfaces which creates a mood that is deep (only kidding). The exhibition will be up through May 18. Here are the details. Also on view at the first and second floor galleries across the street at 251 South 18th Street is Gijs Bakker and Jewelry.

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